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Multi-Function Anion Machine

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Home, office, hotel

Level of UV light



Level of Ozone


400mg / h




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245 ¡Á 177 ¡Á 125 (mm)







¡¡ ¡¡


Function description:

1. HEPA super-activated carbon filter
The high concentration of various layer of air filter catches suspended small to medium-sized particles in the air. Even particles as small as 0.03 micron are filtered out. Therefore, the efficiency filter rate is as high as 99.98%.

2. Disinfection using Ozone
By using advance and latest technology, ozone (O3) eliminates smell, sterilizing and disinfect diseases to prevent cross-infection. It also kills a variety of bacteria that causes respiratory diseases, decomposes indoor organic gases that causes all kinds of different odor and prevents bacteria from spreading.

3. Combination of nanotechnology with photocatalyst to clean the air
The uses of advanced photocatalyst, TiO2 break down a variety of harmful organic compounds (formaldehyde, ammonia, benzene, TVOC, etc.) even faster and more effectively thus eliminates indoor smells and all kinds of peculiar smells. It also effectively kills bacteria and viruses to prevent any viral cross-infection between family members.

4. Ozone creates fresh air by eliminating smoke, dust and bacteria.
The release of a large number of negative oxygen ions creates a forest environment alike and family members will enjoy both mental and psychical health and ease mental stress. It is also effective in removing smoke, pollen, dust, mold, bacteria and other harmful substances.

5. Ozone as a powerful sterilant to destroy bacteria, viruses and odors.
Special technology is used to produce activated oxygen or more commonly known as ozone (O3). It is used to sterilise and disinfect any bacteria, viruses and odors. One of the methods is by putting ozone inside the water and use it as a sterilization. Then, we can use the O3 water to wash our fruits and vegetables to get rid of the residual of fertilizer and pesticide, toys and other daily necessities. It can also be use to disinfect and sterilize any equipments to prevent infection.

6. Elegant design and integrates with any background.
Its modern based design and harmonious colour simply blends perfectly into our furniture and kitchen utensils. It also has an aromatherapy function and has no effect to any other perfume usage. So, let us live in a more healthy and romantic life.

7. Kills hand, foot and mouth disease.
In our recent case of hand, foot and mouth disease, it can effectively kills hand, foot and mouth virus up to 99% killing rate.


What are Negative Ions?
Ions are invisible particles, either molecules or atoms, which bear an electric charge. Atoms, for instance, consist of an atomic nucleus that contains neutral neutrons and positively charged protons, as well as orbiting electrons that are negatively charged. When an atom is in a neutral condition, the number of protons (+) and electrons (-) is equal. When the number of protons and electrons is not the same, the particle becomes an ion that is either positively or negatively charged.

Positive Ion (Cation): an atom (or molecule) that has lost one or more electrons due to a high-energy impact. Natural forces that generate positive ions include the decay of radioactive minerals, radon gas, forest fires, lightning and ultraviolet rays.

Negative Ion (Anion): an atom (or molecule) that has gained one or more extra negatively charged electrons. Negative ions are naturally generated by evaporating water, ocean surf, waterfalls and ionic minerals such as Tourmaline.

How are Negative Ions generated naturally?
There are also certain minerals that emit Negative Ions for example Tourmaline and Germanium.

Can Negative Ions be generated artificially?

Negative Ions can be artificially generated by electrical devices such as Air Ionisers which use an external power source (electricity) to generate large quantities of Negative Ions. Our NP208 Personal Air Purifier Ioniser and our 8 in 1 Room Air Purifier Ioniser both use electricity to generate Negative Ions.

Facts about Negative Ions

Tasteless, Odourless.
Urban areas typically have much lower concentrations of Negative Ions in the air than rural areas.
Ionisation is mandatory in many European and Russian Hospitals.
In March of 1999, Good Housekeeping Magazine had its engineers test an ionizer by using a smoke test, and found that it cleared out the smoke in a tank.
A recent study by the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture found that ionising a room led to 52% less dust in the air, and 95% less bacteria in the air (since many of the pollutants found in the air reside on floating dust particles).

How Negative Ions Purify the Air

Virtually all particles in the air have a positive charge, while negative ions have a negative charge. In which case, negative ions and particles magnetically attract to one another. When there is a high enough concentration of negative ions in the air, they will attract to floating particles in large numbers. This causes the particle to become too heavy to remain airborne. As a result, the particle will fall out of the air, and will then be collected by normal cleaning activities, such as vacuuming or dusting.

In nature, negative ions are generated by processes such as sunlight, lightening, waves from the ocean, and from waterfalls. "Concrete Jungles" minimize the natural production of negative ions by disrupting the delicate electrical balance between the atmosphere and the earth. Ioniser/ionic air purifiers recreate them with electrode pins ("needlepoints") to electrically produce negative ions.
What Ionic Products are available?

The most popular product we stock is the Ionic Balance Band (worn on the wrist) which uses Tourmaline to naturally emit Negative Ions. We carry a range of ionic products suitable for humans and pets.

Our 5 in 1 Air Purifier Ioniser NP208 Personal Air Purifier Ioniser is ideal for travel and Very lightweight. .

Ancient peoples recognized that the air is "electric" so to speak, but it is thought that the formal study of ions did not begin until fairly recently. In 1899, two German scientists, Elster and Geitel, discovered that there are particles in the atmosphere that carry electricity. These particles were later named "air ions" by the British scientist Faraday. The word "ion" was taken from the Greek language, in which it means to "go" or "wander about."

To date over 5000 studies have been conducted on Negative Ions. Many of these are available online.

Negative Ions Benefits For Your Health

Health Benefits of Negatively Charged IonsNegative ions are oxygen atoms charged with an extra electron. Here¡¯s how they can both clear the air in your home of allergens like pollen and mold and hazardous airborne particles such as bacteria and viruses, and have some surprisingly beneficial effects on your health.


What Do Negative Ions Do?

Negative ions are created in nature by the effects of water, air, sunlight and the Earth¡¯s inherent radiation. They are most prevalent in natural places and particularly around moving water or after a thunderstorm.

That taste in the air and feeling you get at the beach, near a waterfall or after a storm is your body been saturated in the benefits of negative ions.

What if there were a way to take that feeling you have with you and keep it going in your bedroom, lounge room, kitchen or office, as well as cleaning the air of contaminants?

Negative ions clear the air of dust, mold spores, pollen, pet dander, odors, cigarette smoke, bacteria and viruses. They do this by attaching to these positively charged particles in large numbers. This causes the pollen, mold, bacteria, etc to become too heavy to stay airborne.

At this point it drops to the floor or attaches to a nearby surface, thus removing it from the air you breathe and preventing it from causing respiratory problems and other health issues.


How Do Negative Ionizers Work?

Add to that positive ion producing air conditioning, electrical equipment like televisions and clothes dryers, and even carpet and upholstery, and our homes have become what has been described as ¡®positive ion prisons¡¯.

Our homes and workplaces are usually sealed off from the natural benefits of negative ions. Even if you do keep your windows open, aside from all the pollution, if you live in a busy town or city the concentration of negative ions in the air may only be a tenth of that found in country environments.

For a list of the harmful effects positive ions can have on your health see the page on Negative and Positive Ions.

You do have one negative ion generator in your home already though. Your shower, with its stream of hot water and steam, is a good producer of negative ions. That¡¯s part of why so many people need a shower to wake up in the morning.

That¡¯s not much use in the other rooms of your house, but fortunately scientists have come up with another even more effective way to create these negatively charged ions and receive their health benefits in whatever room you spend time in.

Modern negative ionizers work by using a method called ¡®corona discharge¡¯, which is actually modeled on the way lightning occurs.

A tiny current of electrons flow down a needle to its point. The nearer the electrons come to the needlepoint, the closer they are forced together. Since electrons naturally repel each other, when they reached the very tip of the needle they are forced off into the nearest air molecule and become a negative ion.

Negative ions repel each other as well, so as more and more are produced they are emitted further and further out into the room they are in. The more powerful the ionizer, the more beneficial ions they can produce and the larger their range.

Top 10 Negative Ion Benefits for Your Health

There are highlighted links to references if you would like to read the relevant scientific research, but for a handy summary here are the top 10 health benefits of negative ions:

1. Negative ions increase your sense of well-being and mental clarity by removing the debilitating effects of excessive positive ions in your environment.

2. Negative ionizers are proven to clear the air of dust, pollen, pet dander, mold spores and other potential allergens.

3. A good ionizer can significantly decrease airborne viruses and bacteria in your home.

4. Improves the function of the cilia in your respiratory tract that protect your lungs from irritation and inflammation, thus leading to less instances of respiratory illnesses like colds and flu and even hayfever and asthma.

5. Negative ionizers have a relaxing effect and have been reported to normalize your breathing rate, decrease blood pressure and relieve tension.

6. Studies show high levels of negative ions can be as effective at treating Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) as commonly prescribed antidepressants (obviously discuss any medication changes with your doctor).

7. Improved energy levels and focus. Research at the University of California showed negative ions normalize serotonin levels in the brain, potentially improving a person¡¯s positive outlook and mood.

8. Better sleep. A French study found using negative ionizers could help you to sleep better. This is once again due to their positive effects in normalizing serotonin production in the brain.

9. Reduces instances of headaches and sickness. The company Norwich Union found installing negative ion air cleaners in a work area full computers and other electronic equipment reduced instances of reported sickness and headaches by 78%. Negative ionizers are also routinely used in hospitals in Europe for their beneficial impact on patient¡¯s health and healing rates.

10. Elevated mental concentration and performance. Testing has regularly shown that subjects exposed to high levels of negative ions perform better in mentally challenging tasks than those breathing normal positive ion dense air. Pierce J. Howard PhD at the Center for Applied Cognitive Sciences says in the Owners Manual for the Brain ¨C ¡°Negative ions increase the flow of oxygen to the brain; resulting in higher alertness, decreased drowsiness, and more mental energy.¡±




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