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Nano-silver plastic - is the purity of more than 99.99% pure silver through physical methods decomposed into uniform distribution of nano-particles in the water is not formed by precipitation polymerization not colorless, tasteless and transparent liquid. It is the principle of the role of single-cell bacteria and the body to lose with protease activity, resulting in splitting the breeding bacteria can not be killed.

Why should scientists as a medium silver?

Silver used as a natural antibacterial agent has been strong of several thousand. From ancient times and ancient Mediterranean Asian culture era, have begun to use silver sterilization, despite the fact that people have not recognized. For example, people use silverware to prevent drinks metamorphism in the wounds and surgical treatment of fractures of the use of silver foil or silver plate; pioneers in the western United States does not in the refrigerator, use a coin Add milk to fresh milk in the bucket; China secret court also common in silver necklace with gold rings pharmacological treatment; historical records Emperor Shizong with diseases of the eye, physician syrup containing silver for quickly cured, etc., which are used silver bactericidal. Li Shizhen of the "Compendium of Materia Medica" on the effectiveness of silver summed up: the physical, mental, the five internal organs, in addition to evil influences, light body, the extension of life expectancy.

Modern scientific experiments prove that antibiotics can kill a six kinds of pathogenic bacteria, which can kill more than 650 kinds of silver, and can effectively control recalcitrant strain, but harmless to humans normal cells. In the laboratory, scientists have not yet discovered what kind of microbe in six minutes, not silver can kill. Silver has been all scientists believe is the best and most reliable fungicides, but for one reason or another silver in the medical field to the role of a great restrictions. Therefore, silver's natural antibacterial agent of the people have not been fully utilized.

How can we ensure the natural antibacterial agent silver functions being widely used?

Nano-technology end of the 20th century greatly enhanced the development of a silver antimicrobial effects, using nano-technology South Korean scientists developed a nano-silver water Machine, through its silver nanoparticles made of water containing nano-silver particles, their form is still colorless, tasteless , transparent liquid, the body can quickly as sponges that soak up water, it is now recognized scientists use the best form of silver. Nano-silver water can Oral topical, Sterilization, uses a very wide range, claim that the human body's innate immune system from the second immune barrier!

Chinese astronaut Yang Liwei and Russian astronauts in space are in the drinking water disinfection with silver ions, and Russian astronauts stranded in space, the longest time of up to 400 days, so we can see that the use of silver ions disinfectant is safe to do so .

SARS prevention, recommended product of the United States Government.

Nano-silver water use common sense:
Silver nanoparticles produced water must be purified water or distilled water use machines may not work otherwise, and can not be used tap water rinse cup, each for water, use clean paper or cloth to clean silver rods and a bottom, avoid soaking machine. Silver nanoparticles produced good water, prohibiting refrigeration, heating, Jumo in metal containers in the storage, use brown Cup in full bloom and placed in the shade for the best.

Early drinking, drinking should not be too hasty in health care should be the initial three-day (3 / 60 ml /) after three days of gradual increases. Excessive drinking at the initial small number of people will be some discomfort reaction, such as: nausea, dizziness, muscle pain, diarrhea and.

Topical, such as the skin surface can be guaranteed continued humid five minutes more is better.

Initial detoxification phenomenon: blood, skin toxins some people taking silver nanoparticles water after 7 to 20 days, there will be local red skin rash accompanied by itching, and about a week after the disappearance. Toxins and more people rash may appear repeatedly.

Hypertension taking silver nanoparticles in water after 2 to 7 days, blood pressure may arise gradually increased 10 to 15 mm Hg phenomenon. About 10 to 15 days, blood pressure began to go down steadily. Given this reason, patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases in the initial seven days should be taken care of.



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