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Introduction :

Colloidal Silver Machine imported from South Korea
The cup has two root of 99.99% pure silver
Distilled water to be used only
Specifications: 300 X 280 X 240
Making time: 110 minutes
Volume: 500 ml@

Awarded The South Korean Presidential Medal

Certified as South Korean New Technology

Qualified as A World-Class Product


Product Overview :

The Colloidal Silver Machine is built based on nanotechnology.
Using a low voltage current, the 99.99% pure silver rod is electrolyzed to produce silver ions which are dissolved as a colorless and an odorless liquid.
Colloidal silver have excellent anti-bacterial effect.
Colloidal Silver Machine is made specially towards domestic use.



Product introduction :

1. Nano Silver Machine is manufactured by using nanotechnology


Using the process of electrolysis, the 99.99% pure Nano Silver particles will be uniformly dispersed in the water. This is by far the best way to use silver as recognized by scientists world wide.



Nano-silver plastic manufacturing machine for a simple process water:

@ @

Step 1.

Pour 500ml of RO water with purity of 2 ppm and below or distilled water into the mug.

@ @

Step 2.

Plug in and press 'Start'. The 'Power' light will on.
@ @

Step 3.

The signal light will be blinking to check the quality and volume of water.
If the quality and volume of water is in order, the 'Processing' signal will start to
blink and the meter will indicate the 110 minutes count down. If the water is not in order, the 'Caution' signal will blink accompanied with a warning siren.
@ @

Step 4.

When the meter shows zero, the process is complete. The light will blink accompanied with a siren.
@ @
A good colloidal silver water contains highly active silver particles which can be absorbed into the body quickly and through our systems. It rapidly enhances the cell activity, regulates the pH balance of our body and strengthens the immune system.

2. Nano Silver Solution


Why South Korean scientists uses silver?

Since ancient times, silver has been use as an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory role. They store food in a storage box which contains silver and prevents bacterial growth. In ancient Macedonia, silver lining has been use to stitch up wounds to accelerate the healing process. The residents in ancient Mediterranean puts a silver coin into milk to prevent any fermentation and to be able to keep it much longer. These are all the usage that have been found on ancient times when human uses silver as a natural antibacterial property.

At the end of the 20th century, nano technology, has greatly improved the ability of silver antimicrobial effects. Experiments have prove that silver can rapidly kill more than 650 kinds of bacteria while antibiotics can only kill six kinds of bacteria. Not only it will have a long-term resistant towards bacteria, it will also increase the excretion of the human liver thus promotes a much healthier body. This antibacterial properties of silver in the field of modern medicine has been widely applied.

 Why is silver antibacterial?

The silver antibacterial characteristic is actually a physical chemical reaction process. Studies have shown that silver only reacts with single layered cell and to add on to this, more than 99% of harmful bacteria are single layered cell.

Nano Silver will combine with the cell walls of pathogenic bacteria, will then directly get inside the bacteria and quickly combine with sulphydryl (-SH) of oxygenic metabolic enzyme to deactivate them, to block inhalation and metabolism.

Silver appears to be a powerful, natural antibiotic and preventative against infections. Acting as a catalyst, it reportedly disables the enzyme that one-celled bacteria, viruses or fungi need for their oxygen metabolism and suffocate the bacteria.

Nano Silver, then being actually smaller than many bacteria, may block it's their growth at that level and destroy it!

@ @

How can we ensure the natural antibacterial silver functions being widely used?

South Korean scientists invented the Colloidal Silver Water Manufacturing Machine to solve these problems. Usage are listed below:

@ @


 It can kill instantly more than 650 bacteria without harming the body. Best for fighting contagious diseases, it wont produce drug-resistance as in the case of antibiotics.
@ @
2. Increased cell activity.
@ @
3. Regulate the pH balance of our body.
@ @
4. Improve our immune system.
@ @

Promote the repair of damaged cells and healing ability.

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Summary of the effectiveness of Nano Silver

The physical, mental, the five internal organs, in addition to evil influences, light body, the extension of life expectancy. Research shows that the lack of silver in the human condition causes cancer compare to a normal human silver content by only 1 / 10 to 1 / 20.

Silver effectively regulates the immune system function and enhance human immunity.

The Chinese ancient medical book, 'Pen Cao Kang Mu' also recorded the overall medicinal value of silver in saying that 99.99% pure silver and above is safe and non-toxic.

If your body has enough silver, it literally means you have another immune system in your body!

Once your body mechanism is perfectly regulated, your immune system would be strengthen, thus your health condition will greatly improved. Regulating the functions of various organs, keeping the vitality of your body, that is so called body self-healing power! That is why silver is good for chronic diseases like cardiac diseases, diabetes, gastro-intestines diseases, inflammable lymphatic diseases and respiratory diseases as it helps to supplement the normal medication.


3. Nano Silver Application

3.1. Daily necessities

The concept of nanotechnology is widely applied to products around us. More and more nanotechnology based products will enter our lives.

The clothes we wear has some antibacterial agents but it is harmful to human beings. Experts believe that Nano Silver can be used in the textile industry to replace the harmful antibacterial agents. Clothes will have better ventilation and also anti-bacterial. Examples are uniforms, plain t-shirts, shirts, underwear, pajamas, socks and handkerchief

Nano Silver can be used in medical and health supplies such as nano-silver antibacterial masks,
antibacterial wet tissue, antibacterial sanitary napkins and antibacterial baby diapers.

3.2. Household items

Household items like utensils, refrigerator, car, air-conditioner, chair, table, parquet, carpet, wash-room, bed-room accessories etc, you can use Nano Silver on them to disinfect and kill the germs.

3.3. Green products

Nano Silver is being regarded as a new kind of green antibacterial products and Nano Silver is widely accepted by the market.


4. Nano Silver Products Application

Nano Silver products are widely used in all sorts of household, office and public environment.
It is effective in the removal of formaldehyde, ammonia, benzene and other volatile organic compounds.

The antibacterial, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, non-polluting characteristics has
become the preferred sterilization product in Korea.

Nano Silver can also be use on the environment such as a new house, new car, new offices, hospitals, classrooms, kindergartens, hotels, restaurants, cinemas, shopping malls and other public environment. For example, Nano Silver was used on buildings to eliminate SARS during the SARS crisis.

At home and in the public, Nano Silver products kills bacteria and microorganisms that causes respiratory diseases, bad odors and other illnesses.

Keep indoor's air clean. It is recommended to be used on your pets to kill germs and remove odor on them. So, keeping your pets clean is a breeze.


Its variant foot freshener will help to eliminate odor on your feet, thus you dont get embarrassed when people near you, and so you can say bye-bye to athletes foot.

Apply on body such as hair, eyes, face, mouth, ears, anus, skin etc, it can help to kill germs as well as stop the itchiness.

NanoPro Colloidal Silver Machine CSM-500 is easy to use, it helps to kill bacteria, remove odor, improving the quality of your life. Thus, it is a much sought after health product!





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