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Colloidal Silver Machine

 The mechanism is simple. When a 99.99% pure silver bar is electrolyzed, it produces silver ion, the final product Colloidal Silver has an effect on germs and bacteria.

 The Colloidal Silver produced has active silver particle which can be absorbed readily by the body and then spread to other parts of the body to activate the cells so that the body acidity can be regulated to stregthen the immune system of the body.

Silver has been used to fight germs and inflammation for centuries:

Silver wares were used by the rich in food to prevent germs from growing since time immemorial; Macedonian used silver on wounds to speed up the healing process; the ancient Mediterranean people keep silver coin in barrel to curb the growing of germs, fungus and other microorganisms; in ancient Chinese Mandarin Court, it was recorded that silver necklace was often used in the preparation of medicines. All these are proofs that humans have found out long ago the natural uniqueness of silver against bacteria and germs.

The birth of Nano Technology in 20th Century further increases the effectiveness of silver in fighting bacteria. 

Silver has been proven clinically that it can kill as much as 650 contagious bacteria or at least to effectively contain the bacteria. If antibiotic is used, it can only kill 6 types of bacteria. And prolong use of the antibiotic will create drug-resistance as well as increase the burden of major organs in the body like liver and kidneys which excrete toxic materials from the body. 

NanoPro Colloidal Silver Machine solves all your problems.  With Colloidal Silver produced by the machine, you can use it for various purposes, take it orally or apply on the body:

Inorganic, it can kill instantly more than 650 bacteria without harming the body. Best for fighting contagious diseases, it wonˇ¦t produce drug-resistance as in the case of antibiotics.

An anti-oxidant, it can stop oxidized particles from attacking the tissue at the same time activate the cells by increasing the oxygen in cells. Thus, it can regulate the acidity in the body.

As a trace element, it helps extensively in the biochemical reaction in the body, regulating the functions of immune system to strengthen the effectiveness of immune system and also to promote the healing and recovery of damaged cells.

Colloidal Silver and its uses

Spray on fabrics like uniform, casual wear, shirt, underwear, pyjamas, sock, handkerchief, mask, towel, cushion, diaper etc, it can help you to prevent skin diseases by killing bacteria.

Apply on food: fruit, fruit juice, milk, liquor, vegetable, meat, seafood, it can help to prevent or kill the bacteria and keep them fresh.

Apply on body: hair, eyes, face, mouth, ears, anus, skin etc, it can help to kill germs as well as stop the itchiness.

Others: Utensils, refrigerator, car, air-conditioner, chair, table, parquet, carpet, wash-room, bed-room accessories etc, you can use it on them to disinfect and kill the germs.

It can be used to kill bacteria and microorganism that are detrimental to our health. Besides helping to fight against bugs that cause respiratory sickness, you can also use it to remove odor and maintain freshness in a room. It is recommended to be used on your pets to kill germs and remove odor on them. So, keeping your pets clean is a breeze. No more headaches!

Colloidal Silver is easy to use, it helps to kill bacteria, remove odor, improving the quality of your life. Thus, it is a much sought after health product!

If your body has enough silver, it literally means you have another immune system in your body!

Once your body mechanism is perfectly regulated, your immune system would be strengthen, thus your health condition will greatly improved. Regulating the functions of various organs, keeping the vitality of your body, that is so called body self-healing power! That is why silver is good for chronic diseases like cardiac diseases, diabetes, gastro-intestines diseases, inflammable lymphatic diseases and respiratory diseases as it helps to supplement the normal medication.

Its variant-Foot Freshener- will help to eliminate odor on your feet, thus you donˇ¦t get embarrassed when people near you, and so you can say bye-bye to athleteˇ¦s foot. 



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