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Written by Dr. Daniel Chung, Ph.D., N.D.

Silver eradicates germs, viruses, bacteria, allergens and pathogens. Boosts body's immune system, accelerates healing and repair process. Our ultrafine quality is safe for use directly into eyes, ears and nose for immediate relief of sinus, eye infections and ear problems. This colloidal will BOOST your OWN immune system and deal effectively with disease and illness.

Colloidal Silver Curative effect lifts an example







 athletes' foot

 bladder Inflamation

 blood poisoning

 blood parasites


 bubonic plague



 candida, yeast infection

 cerebro-spinal meningitis









 diplococcus diphtheria






 furulent opthalmia



 hay fever





 influenza pneumococcikeratitisleprosy



 Lyme disease





 parasitic infections



 pruritus ani


 purulent ophthalmia  






 scarlet fever


 septic conditions of the eyes,ears,mouth and throat



 skin cancer


 staph infections

 stomach ulcer

 strep infections


 thrush,yeast infection





 trench foot


 virus, all forms


 whooping cough

 canine parovirus




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