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What is Nano

Nano is the size or the size of the units of measurement is a billionth of a meter (1,000 m m cm mm nano-micron), four times the size of atoms, one in hair thickness. Nano-technology is the manufacturing volume is not more than a few hundred nanometers objects, their equivalent to the width of dozens of atomic together.

Nano-technology and nanotechnology are two different concepts and definitions
Nano is a unit of length 1 micron to 0.1% mm, and a nanometer is equal to one thousandth micron, or one hundred thousandth hair, no technical content. Therefore, a simple if not unique nano-materials group and the order of performance, it can not be called nano-technology. Such as cigarette ash powder or natural soil in the nano-powders, although they can also reach 100 within the nano-scale, but because they do not have a special technical group and the order of performance, these materials can not be called Nano-technology. Nano-technology is that through specific design and technology of nano-particles in the surface of it is for atomic / molecular composition of the order to produce a special-order group, and the performance of specific technical performance or function, such nano-materials that can as nano-technology.

Nano-materials can be divided into two levels: ultrafine particles nano-materials and nano-solid. Nano ultrafine particles is 1-100 nm particle size of the ultrafine particles, nanotechnology refers to the solid Nano made of ultrafine particles of solid material. People accustomed to the composition or grain bands in the control group following the length of 100 nm size as nano-materials.

Nanomaterials What are the main characteristics?
Showing a completely different materials with the general nature, such as nano-materials bandgap semiconductor group split bands, nanoscale iron is highly magnetic, conductive materials do not become conductive, special far infrared radiation, UV-reflective, strong absorption, strong catalysis, and so on.
Nano-materials in all walks of life there is widespread use prospects. Scientists predict that the 21st century will be the era of nanotechnology, is another industrial revolution inevitable.

The basic meaning of nano-technology
Nanotechnology refers to the basic meaning in the micro-environment, that is, in the nanometer size range, mankind will understand and transform the natural extension of the ability of the atomic and molecular level, and arrangements through direct manipulation of atoms and molecules, atoms or molecules, it rearrange the composition to create new substances or high-tech items.

Effect of applied nanotechnology
Nanomaterials have a certain uniqueness, when the small-scale material to a certain extent, be diverted to replace the traditional mechanical quantum mechanics to describe the views of its conduct, when the powder particle size from 10 microns to 10 nanometers, its tablets Drive though 1,000 times change, but when the volume will be converted into a 10 1000000000 times as much, so the two acts will have significant differences.


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